The top 10 countries with highest foreign born residents

Tere are many countries around the world and each of them has their own nationals. The ones that originally reside there as a group who have the same culture and language and also beliefs. But as the world is round and all are connected with each other, the people could travel to other places. There are many reasons why people transfer to other countries and live in the country where they were born. Most countries already had immigrants living in the country. Here is the video of the top list.
The video contains the list of the countries who had the highest number of other nationalities that already reside in the country and are considered as citizens. It is one of the amazing things to see people moving in different directions. People travel and work and live and marry and just do things normally as other people would do. Now the world who was taught to be very wide and not easy to explore is laid before our eyes with the help of technology.

We can know many things about one country and we can even watch videos that were posted on social media and see the places that we can’t see personally. We can even listen to their language and know what is their favorite sports. Now movies also are available worldwide and so subtitles are now a must if you want to show to the audience that does not understand the original language of the movie.