Food as a Part of a Country’s Culture

In each nation, there are rules and regulations which the citizens in that country need to obey. Aside from the rules and regulations, there are also certain beliefs and practices of the people. However, those beliefs and practices are not applied to everyone. It means that some beliefs and practices are not for all the citizens of a country. Only specific people can do certain things. For example, eating of pork is not for everyone. In the same way, there are culture that only particular countries practice.

Through culture, beliefs and practices, you can recognize the country a person belong to. Food is also a part of one’s culture. And each country have its own unique food specialty. For example, China is famous for its Chinese noodles and it is the same with Korea and Japan. Korea is very popular around the world because of its top fashion dresses. Japan too is famous for the Japanese wedding dresses design that is very good looking, you can visit to see their dresses. Like this, wedding designs is already a part of a country’s culture.

In America, burgers became a part of their culture. Philippines too is popular for many different delicious foods such as “chicken adobo” or “chicken menudo” and other recipes. Each country is popular for its own special dish as mentioned. Some food may seem similar with that of another nation’s recipe. However, you can still tell the difference over this travel company. This company here 台胞證申請 台中 is also very popular all over the world. And again, each country have their own style of services for travel which they are proud of.