The useful information to know before traveling to France

Welcome to the famous city in France! Paris is one of the must-see places to visit in the country. Many people already know where to visit in Paris when they will be able to travel. Paris is a city where you can now see diversity. As it is a place that offers a better life as compared to the present life of other people that is why many migrate to the place. If you will be traveling to the city then it is best if you know these facts.
One of the things discussed in the video is the way to get around in the city. Many people just walk as the places to visit could also be close to each other. But you can use easily the different transportation method as explained in the video. It is good that there are apps that could help you so you could be able to have a comfortable travel. The next thing discussed is for the safety of your belongings. Make sure to know the basic things to keep them safe when outside.

Another thing that you should know is to be careful where you step. It is true that many people walk in the city but there are also dogs with them That is why be careful of them. Ther are ten things that were discussed in the video.  The hours that shops are open so you can shop, the tipping etiquette or practice, the attitude especially in greeting. There are more so watch the video fully.