10 Unusual and Surprising Festivals around the World

In different countries, there are annual festivals being celebrated. And each festival gives entertainment to many people who participate in that event not only to the locals but also to the tourists. Do you know the biggest festivals celebrated in your own country? Since there are many festivals held all over the world, it will not be easy to visit all places around the world in order to participate in that annual event. Anyway, this article will mention about some surprising festivals around the world.

The Buso Festival is one of the most unique festival around the world. Though it is not Halloween holiday, February is the month when people celebrate this festival.  It is quite similar with the Halloween because of the scary attires of those who participated in the event. Another strange festival is the Kanamara Matsuri Festival held in Kawasaki, Japan. The Festival of the Horse is also one of the unusual and shocking festivals in the world. The Festival of Snakes is the most weird and scary festival.  Wedding party in here is usually dressed up in a different way. They got this gothic wedding dresses for a more fierce look. And I can say that it is great. But when you come to see houses here, everything is set perfectly. The leakage of water are all secured by this company, see info. A way for your home to be advance from any possible problem.

The International Hair Freezing Festival is also one of the unusual festivals celebrated in Canada. This festival allows the participants to have such a unique experience. If you are familiar with the animated series Pikachu, for sure you will love to participate in the Pikachu Festival. This festival is held to attract tourists and visitors in the country of Japan. The Festival of the Horns, Nut’s Festival, Testicle Festival, Mud Festival, and the Goose Pulling Festival all sounds weird and looks weird. This is nice and perfect wedding attire. A classy vintage wedding dresses will let you have the glamorous feeling. Giving you the amazing look you every dream of.