Immigrants Origins

With the presence of many nationalities that have immigrated to the country of France, there is also a diversity that could be seen on it. There are areas that are mostly populated by other nationalities just like in other areas of other countries. Cities that are considered as the great ones attract naturally people who also have dreams to fulfill. Immigrants go to other countries for a better opportunity to have a better life and also benefits like education and good work. There are many migrants to the country of France since it has accepted many years ago.

As France is one of the countries in Europe that is doing well in the economy and so many people go there so they could also find a better opportunity. It is also a place where it is very popular and so many tourists are visiting it. Now the country has its own diversity in its citizens and also foreigners who are working or applying for citizenship. Let us see the nationalities of people migrating to France. The one who has the highest number of migrants is Algeria which accounts for about 14% of the total population of migrants. The second in rank is the combination of other European countries which is about 13%.

The third is its neighbor, the country of Morocco. The country has many migrants who seek a good living condition and good benefits. The fourth into the ranking of immigrants in the country is from Italy. It has the same ranking of immigrants coming from the Sub-Saharan Africa of 10.4% each. The country of Spain followed having a rank of 7.3%. Other countries are Tunisia, Turkey, and from Southeast Asia.