Culture Shock and the Difficulty to Adapt

If you are a foreigner in a country, whether you are a tourist or a traveler, culture shock can happen to you. Each country have their own culture, beliefs and practices. If you didn’t prepare yourself about at least having a knowledge of a country’s culture, then you can be shocked when you arrived in that particular country. Some of you might have already traveled to a different country. Among the most visited countries, America is a good example of giving a cultural shock to tourists.

Cultural shock can be taken in both positive and negative way. If you were born in a country wherein it seems that people are not that friendly, you will be shocked when you at least have a tour in the United States. Why? Americans are known to be friendly. They would greet someone though they don’t know that person in attending a wedding. You might feel scared if some stranger talk to you. But in the U.S., it is a positive thing to wear dark gold bridesmaid dresses having this accounting service to make the best design you ever dream of 會計師. The dress sizes are also available in large.

If you were used to eat a little food in your own country, then you will be surprised to see that when you order food at a restaurant in the U.S., the food is too many for you. Tipping is also a part of the American culture. If you are not used to doing a certain thing in your country of origin, then you will surely be shocked when you go to another country. Though you will have a difficulty to adapt, just try it. As colorful as the sky, this dress fits to mothers. A rainbow color mother of the bride dresses is so attractive dress. Glad to have one for my mom.